Trade Green/Martin get Julio/McKinnon?

If I can get this done do you think Julio makes it through better than Green?

Yes, the Falcons seem to moving back into the offensive patterns we know from them.

Do it now before this week? Or do you think wait till next week? I think AJ is going to go off after being ejected.

I think Julio is set to have a good game as well. He had the targets last week and would’ve had 20+ Points standard with that TD pas he dropped last week. That was a decent Carolina D too and this week he is going up against a subpar Dallas D. Yeah he is injured, but reports show him looking much better and if you already have clinched a playoff slot you should look forward to that.

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Thanks…I will probably try and get it done. No one is locked in. I am 6-3 as well as 1 other guy. 4 guys at 5-4 and 2 at 4-5. It is a close one this year. Thanks for the advise! Good luck this week! :sunglasses::+1:t3: