Trade Greg Olsen for Kenyan Drake and Cory Davis

I’ve been offered a trade, I would be sending Olsen to the other team for Drake and Davis. It’s a 1pt PPR league. My other RBs are Ingram and Kamara, I also have Woodhead and Al Morris. WRs are Tyrek Hill, D. Thomas, Devin Funchess. I think its a good trade my only worry is I would be relying on ASJ as my TE the ROS.

ASJ gets targets so his value is decent. I just dropped ASJ for Olsen when he was on the waiver, and i also have ertz. . . . and drake and davis. . . xD

lol, well that wasn’t much help. I think I’m going to hold onto Olsen and hope he returns to form. Not sure if you can count on Drake to continue what he is doing and Tenn’s offense hasn’t been verry good of late so not sure how much of an impact Davis will have.

Sorry xD, but your roster is fine the way it is. Olsen will make it better in playoffs. ASJ not too reliable.

No problem, I got a good laugh out of your response. I agree my roster is good. I’m hopeful woodhead comes back soon and be what everyone expected him to be earlier this year and will be able to solidify my RB/WR slot.