Trade Gronk for Bell?

10 team redraft - Standard

I currently have Gurley with Collins, Kerrion, and D lewis as my RB’s but looking to to upgrade by getting rid of Collins/Gronk for Bell/Hooper with an 0-4 team and I am 4-0.

I feel like this is a gamble that could win me the championship, is it worth it?. If I don’t like hooper I plan on snagging Vance off the waivers.

I would try it. I had Gronk last season. He got hurt and suspended at the end of the season unfortunately. Everyone wants him on their team though. I would even try Gronk for Bell straight up. I’ve been thinking of targeting Collins myself, he had a bad week, but he should be fine ROS, especially in the playoffs(KC, TB, LAC).

Hooper is not even worth rostering imo. Offer Gronk and Lewis for Bell or just Gronk straight up.