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Trade gronk for Sony Michel ? Need help ASAP


He just offered his Sony for my Gronk. I just traded hardcore to get Ertz. This guy has a playoff team so I’ll end up playing him. Pull the trigger ASAP??


If you have Ertz then absolutely.


That’s what I was thinking, I wayyyy over payed to get ertz. But it was also to a guy who plays all playoff bound teams I’m competing with coming up so I ended up being okay with it haha.

Does the Burkhead coming back make you hesitate at all?


A little, but I think they proved last year that they could sustain 3 backs. Lewis still got a lot of touches with Burkhead there.


Yea I went ahead and accepted. Man I’m gonna have to play this guy in the playoffs and if gronk is healthy I just know he’s gonna go bananas against my team