Trade Gronk get Dalvin

Have the option to trade Gronk away to receive Cook.

Current Team;
Elliott, Sony, Kerryon, McCoy, Drake
Keenan, Cooper, Baldwin, Anderson, Allison
Gronk, Reed

I think the trade is somewhat fair, but I don’t necessarily need RBs, but rather need WRs. So will most likely not make the trade. Gronk could be a difference maker ROS while Reed seems washed in that offense.

I could counter with Gronk + Keenan to receive Cook + AJ Green? Would you make that counter?

No way, as you say you don’t need RBs, so why try get a banged up, fragile one in an offence thats fine passing it deep every week.
If you want to swap Keenan for AJ Green fair enough but it’s sidewaysish trade, Allen should come good.
Keep Gronk, or your one Jordan Reed floppy toes away from being broke at TE

Or do you mean B Cooks for LA lol, not broken Dalvin Cook?

Thanks, my thoughts as well. yes, Dalvin, not Rams WR.