Trade Gurley and Bell for the following

Footclan! I need help!

In a full PPR, I have both Gurley and Bell. Two of my league mates are showing interest in both players separately. One owner is offering A. Brown, Buck Allen, CJ Anderson for Gurley, Fitz, and Crowell. The second owner is offering Fournette and Hopkins for Bell. I am highly considering this only because my WR situation is weak (Fitz, Maclin, and Parker).

I am hoping to get another Foot Clan Championship under my belt, so any help would be much appreciated!

I wouldn’t trade Gurley or Bell.

That Fournette and hopkins for Bell is intriguing, but even then I would keep Bell.

I would be trying to trade Fitz since his production has been fading during the second half of recent seasons.

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