Trade Gurley and Darnell for Edmonds

I have kyler and got an offer to trade away Gurley and Darnell for Edmonds. Thoughts?? My other RB is Sony

No. Edmonds value is determined by DJ’s health. Gurley is the starting RB

No way.

Edmunds only has value while DJ is out, which isn’t much longer. Also look at the next 5 weeks for AZ: NO, SF, TB, SF, BYE. That’s a nightmare RB lineup even if Edmunds were to get every start.

I honestly just hate having all 3 rams RBs on my roster. It’s just so stressful with that team this year. And it looks to be trending that chase will be taking all the work

Chase will receive most of the work IF DJ is out. That is what makes this not worth it. Trade away Gurley and Darnell, thats fine but get value for it