Trade Gurley, Cam for Bell, Brees

I currently have Todd Gurley and Cam Newton in a .5 PPR Dynasty Superflex league. I was just offered a trade for Brees and Bell for Gurley and Cam…obviously the QB is an upgrade…but would you trade Gurley for Bell? Idk how to feel about this with Gurley being on a much better offense and high upside. Thoughts?

I’d probably pass, I’d be way too curious to see what Cam in NE and Gurley in ATL look like…

Gurley could have big value in Atlanta and Cam could be great in NE, Brees is better than Cam but i dont think Bell will be better than Gurley this year. I would honestly stick with what you got.

Yeah, I’m scared that Bell will be a Bust because of Coach Adam Gaze. You can get another QB somwhere else.

I prefer Gurley and Newton and do not consider Cam to Drew and upgrade.