Trade Gurley for Freeman?

I’m currently 5-0 in my league and was offered to trade Gurley and receive Freeman. At this point, I’ll most likely make the playoffs but Gurley does have a tough match up for the next few weeks. In our league, there is a benefit to scoring most points in the season, even if you don’t win out. Not sure if it’s worth trading.

Here’s the schedule for playoff weeks 13-16:
at Arizona
at Seattle
at Tennessee

New Orleans
at Tampa Bay
at New Orleans

It’s a toss up man… Two hard guys to compare…

Gurley has no running threat behind him…

Freeman has tevin Coleman on his heels

Both guys playoffs schedule is nice but
I’d say gurley has a tougher matchup week 15 @ Seattle.

I’d say go with your guts… I think both guys are great in the playoffs… If gun to my head id say Freeman but I’d wait for some more opinions if you can.

I have Coleman on my bench too.

I’d prob go Freeman then…

But interested to see what others say as well.