Trade? Gurley for Wentz and Howard (lost Watson)

I lost DeShaun Watson sadly. I don’t have a back-up and have to resort to streaming. Someone offered me Carson Wentz and Jordan Howard for Todd Gurley. I have Fournette, Kelley, Mack, and Drake as other RBs, so a little thin. Let me know what you think. Thanks, guys!

who are the top streaming options on the wire?

I picked up Brisset just cause he has the better matchup. But theres Dalton, Bortles, Hundley, and Cutler. That’s pretty much all that’s left :frowning:

Yes, I would do that trade. It’s tough to let go of Gurley but J Howard has produced consistently well and there is no more reliable, top tier QB right now than C Wentz

Usually don’t like trading for qbs. But with gurleys schedule Howard might not even be that much of a downgrade.

I agree. By the way because of bye I have to stream and I chose cutler over brissett

I’d take the trade Gurley has been great but I also lost Watson I’d take Wentz and Howard 100%

Would you make the same trade for Fournette instead of Hurley?

I think if rather keep Fournette than Gurley because of his run in from now. Howard’s is good but I think I’d stream and Fournette over wentz and howard.
But I agree that you can trade Gurley for wentz and howard