Trade Gurley for WR+RB?

0.5 PPR 12 Man League

My team currently lacks in the WR and was thinking maybe I should try trading Gurley to get that WR + RB.

QB: Rivers
RB: Gurley, Chubb, L. Murray, I. Smith, M. Brown
WR: M. Thomas, Tate, Watkins, Sutton, Fitzgerald
TE: Howard



I know what you are thinking but I mean it would have to be a special offer to give that up.

Should I put him on the Trading block just to see what kind of offers I get?

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No way. Todd Gurley is the best and most consistent fantasy player by a mile.

Would you put him on the block just to see the offers that come your way?

I mean sure you can shop him around but you better be getting a mid-high RB 1 back like Conner or CMC. Murray can’t be your RB 2 with Cook on the verge of being 100% healthy.

Chubb would be my RB2

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As soon as you put him on the block his perceived value goes down. Other players will think you’re nervous about week16 and offer low ball offers.

You’d be better served asking about their players and let Gurley get in the conversation organically and hint that he’s available for the right price, but ofc maintain that you’re hesitant because he’s the best.


Yeah I mean I wouldn’t put him on block but if you could get Conner or M Gordon and a top WR too then I would at least weigh the situation, but odds are you aren’t going to get enough offered to make up what he gives you.

@daniel_chung Just out of curiosity…who would you hope to get for him??

a #1 WR and RB

LOL. I meant anybody specific in particular that you might be eyeing. :slightly_smiling_face: