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Trade Gurley for


I have Gurley, Ajayi, Martin, Rodgers, Gore and Smallwood as my RBs in a .5 PPR. I’m looking to trade for Baldwin and Tate and trade away Gurley. Gurley’s schedule looks tough moving forward, I think I have good RB depth and I need WR help with Green, Fitzgerald, Hilton and Hurns as my only receivers in a 3 WR league.

Trade Gurley for Baldwin and Tate?


If you’re looking to move him why not straight up for Evans? I’d prefer to hold Gurley rather than weaken your RB core and have to play roulette each week on which WRs to start after AJ. It’s not that I don’t think that’s a fair deal but I think your team is better as is opposed to giving up Gurley for those 2 WRs. That said I’m assuming a 2 RB 3 WR lineup w/no flex? If there is also a flex spot where you could potentially start 4 WR that changes it and I’d probably do the deal then.


There is a flex.