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Trade Gurley or McCoy for Mike Evans?


Im in a 10 team PPR league. My RB’s are L McCoy, T Gurley, C McCaffrey, D Martin, S Ware, and G Bernard. WR’s are D Baldwin, M Crabtree, T Hill, M Bryant, J Maclin, and E Decker. I’m think about trading McCoy or Gurley for Mike Evans because I think he is going to be a monster this year…thoughts?


Gurley for sure. Since its ppr evans should score much more, plus u have mccoy martin, mcCaffery so i think you r good on rbs. Gurlery could kill it, but Evans is a top 5 wr and Gurley is #9. Evans proj is 274 and Gurley is 211


What does his situation look like? Does he need RB help? Is there a current offer or are you wanting to make an offer?

You would at least have to give up McCoy and a smaller chip if you are the one offering. He is probably happy with Evans after drafting him in the first round.


He needs RB’s. There is no offer on the table right now, Im just brainstorming. Thanks for your input.


I would offer Gurley and hopes that they take it but I would have the thought in the back of my mind that he is probably going to ask for more.


This won’t be a popular opinion, but I’d sell McCoy high now. I really think he’s going to be disappointing this year. If you can get Evans + something else of solid value, I’d pull the trigger. Conversely, I think you’d be selling low on Gurley.


I tend to agree with your take on McCoy. My gut is telling me this is not his year…when I drafted him I didn’t know the Bills were gonna go all out rebuild mode