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Trade Gurley?


Trade proposal whereby I trade Gurley and receive A.J. Green, Doug Baldwin and Derrius Guice.

My current roster is:

RBs: Todd Gurley, Jerick McKinnon, Sony Michel, Tevin Coleman, Rex Burkhead and Aaron Jones

WRs: Keenan Allen, Larry Fitzgerald, Allen Robinson, Marvin Jones, Cooper Kupp and Robby Anderson.

If I do this trade, I will be absolutely stacked at WR but light on RBs. What say you?

Full point PPR, which makes me hesitant to pull the trigger on Guice.


Value-wise, I don’t think the offer is ridiculous, but I do think it’s pulling points out of your starting lineup and putting them in your bench, which is not normally what you want in fantasy, so I’d have to pass.


That was my thought as well. Plus, I am just not that into Guice.


I am. I think he’s the clear 2nd best back in this draft, but I’ll still take the proven elite talent.


I assume this is dynasty?

If so I would not do this trade. You are giving up a Top 3 Startup player, a true blue-chip player, a league winner for guys on the backnine of their career. Guice is not enough to offset either.


I probably wouldn’t do it given your line up. You have enough veteran production on your WRs to not really need AJ and Baldwin. The points you lose from Gurley is not made up for by what you’re getting back.

You already have one of the young talents in Michel, no need to take 2 unproven guys to give up a clear top-3 running back in his prime with proven production in the NFL. Also, Guice is limited upside with Thompson there (assuming he’s health) whereas Gurley is a true feature back.


this is a 2 part trade for me. i only do this if i have it in mind to make more trades. and that would probably be a 2 for 1 trade, where you take green, baldwin, fitz, and pair anderson with one of them, then go after a player (someone like gordon would be perfect) that could be your new 1. and then do that trade as well. you still gain value by getting better players and more of them, you refill your spot that gurley left, you get rid of some of the older talent on your WR core, and get younger. but, thats risky. because you could get stuck with no trade partners. you would have to feel it out before hand for sure. otherwise, ill keep my workhorse and be happy.