Trade Hardman and Breida for Mike Williams?

I also have Tevin Coleman. Should I make the trade

Could also do Hardman and Metcalf instead…

How come you want to trade some good backs for Mike Williams?
I’m curious just because I have Williams and I would take your trade offer. Confused why you gave up so much but I take it.

The only back I am trading is Breida, and I would still have part of that running game because I have Coleman. Im thinking that Hardman will soon lose value so packaging him with Breida to get Mike Williams who could be a top 20 WR is worth it

I know but you’re willing to trade Coleman. That’s what I meant about the “backs”.

I got ya. I agree with you- I have Williams in almost every league I’m in. Right now, as a Williams owner I would take any of those RBs since I’m really concerned about the knee issue and back issue.

The reason I have to add a back is because I doubt the owner would do Hardman for williams straight up.

No no no, I get it.
Like I said, I would accept the offer.

RBs are so hard to find right now- I’d be happy with the upside of Hardman this weekend and then look forward to RB contribution from either Coleman or Breida after this week.

Possibly it could be mutually beneficial? From what your saying, I should not do the trade correct? If the concern is rb depth then I think im fine (Miles Sanders, Royce Freeman, Singletary on bench)

Yeah if I were you I would hold on.

Who’s on the wire for WRs?

Beasley, Dede, Cobb all there is. Im not in need of rbs or wrs in particular, it would more be a trade I would make for the future so I can have a solid flex in Mike williams (im in a 2 flex league)

Ahhh 2 Flex. Yeah so weapons are scarce.
Damn dude.
Alright, I hear ya then- let’s rewind then!
If you feel comfortable with Mike Williams even with the injuries right now, then go about your original offer.
How could the other owner say no?

yea i should have mentioned 2 flex earlier, I think he will say yes and it will benefit me. Not sure about the injuries but tis a risk id be willing to take since after this week i wouldnt be starting breida or hardman anyways

Yes. Go for it man. Ha, since we’re internet penpals now- let us now how it went.

Off to an 0-3 start. Thin at RB. Trade:

I traded Saquon and OJ Howard for Mark Ingram and Travis Kelce

Good trade?

Just got accepted, lets hope for the both for us Mike does great