Trade help 0-2

10 team Full PPR SuperFlex

QB: Brady & Bridgewater
RB: Mixon / CEH / Javonte Williams / Eli Mitchell
WR: Lamb, Terry, Arob, Diontae, Higgins, Aiyuk, Chark
TE: Gronk & Pitts

My Arob and CEH for Zek?

Owner of Jalen Hurts is TE needy, do I try and go get Hurts, or F-it cuz of Bridgewater?

Zek? Like Ezekiel Elliott? For ARob and CEH?? lol Good luck with that!

Zek: An inmate of a Soviet labor camp or prison. I believe Putin might do that. Probably going to be a pretty tough dude, not sure if he will pick up the offense quickly. Better if he plays defense.

Seriously though, the zek owner wants to do it… Should I pull it? He has Fields so he wants to stack Fields and Arob

Yes, if you can get ZEKE for ARob and CEH, go nuts.

eZEKiel Elliot

Yeah, but the nickname is still usually spelled “Zeke.”

Do you call a Michael “Mic” for short?

Yes pull the trigger if you can Zeke for that!

Do u know how to hit accept ?

Is Michael is an MC, I would definitely call him “Mic”.