Trade Help 0-3 using depth to upgrade

My WRs are Watkins Hopkins Gordon MeCole McLaurin and Diggs
RBs are Chubb Carson Fournette Hunt and Sanders

I’m trying to trade away two players for an upgrade at WR or RB

Some targets I thought of are Hill/TY Hilton/Devonta Freeman/Engram/Mixon/David Johnson

I think trading Hopkins or Watkins would be the best thing to do. Mclaurin is showing consistency and Gordon has upside with no AB and Edelman’s health. Find someone who needs receivers and try to get an RB. Maybe pair with Carson

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If I trade Hopkins for sure go after a top RB and if I use Watkins what should I go after like David Johnson Mixon or Freeman? @plem

I traded Hopkins and John Brown for Chubb and mclaurin yesterday. My RBs now are dalvin, ekeler, Chubb, Coleman and Chris Thompson. Wrs are cooks, mclaurin, Gordon, Samuel and hardman. Does the Bell or Mack owner have freedom to trade?

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@plem I’m thinking of going for Kamara Cook or CMac the owners are weak at WR I could probably do Hopkins and Carson for one

If not I was thinking Carson and Watkins for David Johnson

I like both options. I would try the johnson first and if he doesn’t like the trade try the other Options. I would try to get a wr if you do Hopkins in a 2 for 2 trade. Or 1 for 1 with just Hopkins.

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Possibly Hopkins and Carson for CMac/Cook and Woods? For Kamara it could be Kamara and Golladay/Hollywood Brown or try for Tyreek @plem

You’ll have to sell it for it to benefit both teams. Work the offer a little and ask what they would want for mcm or cook. Then say Hopkins is on the table which should perk the interest cause it shows your willing to trade anyone.

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Would you do the same for Kamara or Zeke? @plem

I would do Hopkins straight up for those two.

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In order of the 4 for the second option which would you rather have? @plem

1.Zeke- dak’s play set up the run game.
2/3Kamara- can push 30 touches and likely good dump offs with teddy at QB
2/3CMC- young QB so good dumo offs also, plays 100% of snaps
4Cook- I have cook in my league but tough matchups.

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@plem okay thanks for the advice!

Good luck! Hope it helps!

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For Kamara I’d leave him without a starting RB if I added Carson should I ask for Golladay/Hollywood/Tyreek/Kirk?

Also if I asked for Tyreek would it be more fair to add Fournette instead of Carson? @plem

I doubt he would give up Kamara is Thats his only RB. Would probably need a different player to go after. One that would benefit as well.

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He has Mixon as his next top RB with the next being Lindsay and Jackson @plem

The Zeke owner has Connor and Freeman

Cook owner has CMC Singletary Howard and Coleman

i wouldnt target TY Hilton. His career high in TDs is 7 and he already has 4 this season, Id expect his production to fall off quite a bit. Additionally, hes dealing with a quad injury