Trade help 0-3

10 team superflex PPR redraft

QB: Brady Bridgewater Tua
RB: Joe Mixon, CEH, Chuba, Eli Mitchell, Javonte Williams
WR: Terry, Lamb, Arob, Diontae, Higgins, Aiyuk
TE: Gronk and Pitts

Got an offer for Arob and in return Melvin Gordon / Antonio Brown

How do we feel about this? I like arob a lot and do believe he will get right. But I do have WR depth and adding Gordon just helps the RB depth

I’d be going other way, instead of getting 2:1 try to get rid of 2 and upgrade at RB if you can. Have lot of good value across whole team that could use to get something done.

Gotcha, so you’re not a huge fan of that trade for me?