Trade help! 11/3/21

I need help deciding if I should make this trade…my QB I have been streaming is Cousins. I have been offered Josh Allen and Tee Higgins for Nick Chubb and Robert Woods. I have Najee, Gaskin, and Michael Carter as my other RBs and for WR I have DK, Jeudy, Renfrow, Bateman, and Mooney. I am 4-4…let me know my fellow footballers

While I dont mind trading to upgrade the QB here I think your giving up a little too much. If Higgins was upgraded to a slightly better wr id consider it but without Chubb youd be relying on not the best rb core too.

My opinion you dont take this

That is what I was thinking…he lost Henry so he is trying to replace him but I want either Pittman or Jamaar Chase instead of Higgins.

If he would change Higgins to Pittman or Chase, I think that is a pretty fair deal.

You can ask but I’d be shocked if the other party would give up those WRs.

I’d hold with Cousins. Who is on the waiver wire?