Trade help 2-5 team looking to turn things around

Need some serious help in one of my leagues. I’m playing the number one team this week too. 1/2 pt PPR.

He wants either McCaffrey or Melvin Gordon for me to pick any of these 2 players:

Ekeler, Coleman, Boyd, Landry, Cook, Olsen

Here is my current team as is, I am leaning on potentially going Landry and Coleman since I am in a win now mode. But debating on trying to get a stud WR from him packaged with a RB, not sure he will go with that. He currently sits 6 with me in 10th. His whole team is below mine.

Thanks in advanced

My team:

image image

His team:

The players hes giving you for either Gordon or CM I feel are not close in value. For me I would want OBJ or Thomas in the convo. Gordon and maybe a bench person like Allen for like OBJ and Coleman.


I am not trading him either Melvin Gordon or cmc, you have decent RBs, save those two running backs and use the waiver wire to fill some goods if available


No way do you trade CMC or Gordon for that junk he is offering you…
CMC/Gordon are your only 2 good RB’s you can’t trade them…

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I tired floating the idea of thomas or OBJ along with Coleman but he didn’t like that. I think I am going to hold tight and ride it out because they are both stud RBs, I was just able to pick up Sutton so that should help if he emerges like everyone is saying with the recent DT trade.

Thanks everyone for talking me off the ledge! It’s easy to start to tilt when it gets to this point in the season and your record doesn’t look good