Trade help! 2QB league

10-team, half PPR. Which do you think is a better trade for me:
My Brady/Doug Martin for Kamara/Mike Evans
My Rivers/Fournette for Kamara/Cooks

My team is:
Dez Bryant
Tryreke Hill
Will Fuller
Zach Ertz
Jordan Reed

If you really want to trade I would mix that up a bit. You do need another RB to replace Zeke so Kamara is awesome. Mix it up and go Rivers/Martin for Kamara and Cooks. Just my opinion. And you could even throw in Henry in a 3-2 deal and then you’ll have an open spot to go pick up a juicy week matchup for someone. Just a thought.

I LOVE that thought, but don’t think he’ll take it. Parting with Cooks/Evans is tough for him unless there’s a big player on the table.

What about mixing it up with Rivers/Martin for Kamara…maybe I can get him to throw in Hopkins (who i really dont like but better than Fuller…)

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