Trade Help: .5ppr 12 team

I’m 0-3 staring down potential trade options.

My players I’m willing to trade: Lockett, Diggs, Breida, Boyd, Chark, Devonta

His players he’s willing to trade: Fournette, Godwin, Josh Gordon, A.J. Green…I want Mack, but he wouldn’t budge…(even though he has Fournette, Mack, Kamara, and Hyde.)

Trade A: Breida and Boyd for Fournette
Trade B: Breida, Lockett, Boyd for Fournette, Godwin, Green (he’s saying no Godwin, but he no longer needs Godwin after getting those two from me.)
Trade C: Breida, Boyd, Chark for Fournette, Green, J. Gordon
Trade D: Breida, Diggs, Boyd for Fournette, Green, Gordon

Any of these look reasonable? I think, if I’m getting rid of Lockett, my return should be higher…