Trade Help: AB for Chubb

I have AB and this is standard league

My team

Big ben
Zeke, Gus Edwards, Shady, Rod Smith, Chris Ivory, thompson
AB, Keenan, Cooks
Uzomah, Engram

Thanks footclan

I see why you might be tempted but please please please don’t do this. AB is still the wr1 from here on out and however great Chubb is unless you’re getting a low end wr1 (cooks/woods/diggs) with chubb you shouldn’t be losing brown

If cooks doesn’t work. Use Keenan by saying he’s “second half of season WR” and this big game. Second half is a silly argument to me.

I would not give up Keenan Allen or AB for Chubb.

Keenan is going to continue to be a monster especially with Gordon out.