Trade Help- AB

0.5 PPR 0-4 in this league

My AB for his Keenan Allen, Royce Freeman and Marvin Jones?

Normally I’d say no, but since you’re 0-4 I’m figuring you could afford to take a shot on this. I expect Keenan Allen to put up the numbers he always does & sure it’s not AB, but he gives you WR1 production.

I lost my last 2 games by like 1-2 points unfortunately. But I don’t really know enough about Freeman but do you think a counter with AB and Mixon for CMC Keenan and one of these four (Ingram, Boyd, Marvin Jones, or Woods)

or is that asking too much? lol

I have like no WR besides Brown, i drafted really poorly in this league so been relying on trades. I got Keelan Cole and Josh Gordon that aren’t really reliable.

You could try the Mixon trade. Of the 4 you mentioned I’d go Ingram, Woods, Boyd, Jones in that order.