Trade help about Henderson

For RB I have Mixon, D. Freeman, Sony, Ronald Jones, and Darrell Henderson, at WR I have M Thomas, Adams, Kirk, Shepard, Keke, MVS, and Butler (a few more here and there but you get the point). 1/2 ppr first year dynasty. The Gurley owner offered me Guice and James Washington for Freeman and Henderson, what do you think? I like the idea of selling Freeman high on his hype, but I don’t feel good about selling Henderson as I believe be will soon be the Rams top guy here in a few years. Any thoughts on the trade or a counter offer would be appreciated! Thanks all!

Hard pass!

Guice is literally only hype. Never played a down in the NFL. Redskins have a great chance to be trash in 2019. I’m not willing to buy unless it’s a 75% off sale. Washington is a great flyer. But not worth half of Devonta Freeman.

Freeman has real potential to be good in 2019 (talent and opportunity). Don’t mind selling. But get something nice. Treat yo self.

You can get way more for Henderson from the Gurley owner. Just wait. Gurley is not likely to participate in camp or preseason. You have time to sell.

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Anyone who thinks Henderson will be the guy in the next few years is overpaying. Henderson was good in an RB class with no talent. Take a look at the top talent coming in 2020/2021. By the time gurley is truly done, which won’t be this year, probably has another 2-3 years left, there will be another great RB available. Don’t pay for ceiling for a guy who has never even played a down in NFL and is not sitting behind one of the best backs in the league. it’s insane.

Next year’s class, Henderson will barely even be a 2nd round pick. Jacobs who most took 1.01, probably won’t even be a top 6 pick next year.


I’d look to take advantage of anyone wanting to pay like Henderson is or about to be the starting rb for rams. Otherwise I’d hold on off chance he is

I wouldn’t give up Henderson. He will take over the RB1 role this season once Gurley goes down. Arthritis ain’t no joke and will flare-up all season. Those still riding the Gurley train are in for a rude awakening mid season (at best).

Not enough meat on the bone for this trade. You’d be better seeing if Freeman can build some momentum in his value after a few weeks, which he has a good chance to do with that O line. Guice, sad to say, has a fair chance to be a bust in the NFL…which is just so sad with all that drive and potential.

Henderson’s value may also go up when people see what he can do, however…BIG however, he is not Gurley. He won’t be used as much, he isn’t as skilled, and Malcom Brown has a good chance to eat into his workload. All those ingredients could create a RBC in one of the best offenses in the league. Philly is great, but I am staying away from that RB situation for the most part.

I hope I don’t get lit up for comparing the Eagles to the Rams >.<!

I love how everyone on these forums think they’re medical experts. Arthritis isn’t something that just takes your knee out in one go. It will take time to take hold, especially if rams decide to manage his workload. People are paying for Henderson as if he’s already retiring. If you can sell henderson for that, do it. Plenty of idiots out in the sea willing to pay for players at their ceiling.

I am not a medical expert. There wil lbe no further news on gurley until season starts. How they use them in the first 3-4 weeks will tell you what you need to know. If hes still out there getting 17-18 touches a game, give me that all day. Which means henderson will be a glorified handcuff getting like <10 touches a game.

Fully agree with @MikeMeUpp. Henderson is a glorified handcuff. That’s why I stress taking advantage of the chaos. Long term, I stress letting people be reminded how good Gurley is, while as the owner you remember that the lifespan of an RB is limited…unless your last name is Peterson or Gore.

Yeah I would almost be offended by that trade. I’d even counter Guice for Henderson haha. He obviously values Guice a lot more than we do, but he hasn’t even played and is coming off ACL injury. Freeman is the RB1 in a high powered offense and his backup is Ito Smith for now…I’d take that all day. WSH is poised to have a terrible season and J. Washington has some upside but may lose his WR2 job to Moncrief. To me, Henderson is just a handcuff but people are overpaying for him. the Rams paid a lot of money for Gurley and he will see the field plenty, which leaves little value for Henderson come season. I don’t pick up players banking on the person ahead of them getting hurt.

I think that’s an awful trade, especially this early on.

I’m a Rams fan & I’m really hyped about Henderson’s potential, but I completely disagree with the takes that he’s about the be the starter & workhorse if or when Gurley goes down. He was explosive in college & he screams handcuff in the NFL. I would love if he has an Alvin Kamara ceiling, but that’s huge expectations. I think more realistically we should expect Cohen/Thompson upside and anything more is a bonus.

Thanks for all the helpful tips everyone!

I would not consider this trade. I think you should decline.

You don’t need to be a medical expert to realize Gurley is a HUGE risk, especially at his current ADP. All it takes is listening to doctors in the sports field (specifically NFL medical staff) who have repeatedly confirmed that arthritis resulting from previous ACL tear can flare up at ANY time during the season, including the start of the season. Yes, there is no way of knowing if it’s the 3rd week, 5th week, 8th Week, etc. that the knee gives him problems. No one can. It’s not if, it’s when. Crossing your fingers hoping it’s not this season is TOO MUCH of a risk for his current ADP. I hope to god the rest of my league thinks Gurley is worth the risk at his current ADP. Anyone who is adamant about drafting Gurley, you better handcuff him with probably the most underrated RB in the 6th Rd or later (ADP) - Henderson - which will be a steal.
Rather than go back and forth on this debate, I would love to revisit this topic by mid season or so. That is if Gurley makes it past week 8. Not wishing anything bad on the guy as he’s a stud, but he is damaged goods guys. Those that don’t think Henderson will be the main dog and does not have serious skills to take the reigns when Gurley suffers a setback will be in for a rude awakening. Henderson will WIN many fantasy leagues as the Ram’s main back this season. Good luck to you non-believers. Talk to you guys later this upcoming season to say I told you so.