Trade help! AJ Green, White for my McCoy (or Gurley) and Pryor. Accept?

Ahoi footclan! Should I take this trade? And should I offer Gurley or McCoy? Keep in mind AJ is on bye… and so is McCoy. If I gave up Gurley, I’d lose a starter for this week.

8 team, half PPR with 3 WR slots. here’s my roster:

QB: Dak and Watson

RB: McCoy, Hunt, Gurley, Abdullah, Kamara

WR: Jordy, Demaryius, Pryor, Garcon, Parker and Benjamin

With that RB stacked like that I wouldn’t mind giving up McCoy and in a PPR league Green is solid. I’d go for it.
Just my 2cents
Best of luck

And youd definitely give up McCoy instead of Gurley?

Man I was just looking at that more because I have McCoy. He’s not done the best but if you look at his rest of season(especially the end) he has awesome matchups for him.
To be completely honest after looking more into it, I would stick with what you have at RB and try and double up a couple WR to get a better one. Sorry I had to go back on my first judgment. I really was about half way through this just as you relied.

No worries. That is my goal though… to upgrade at WR but not give up my RB depth. Which two WRs would you pair up? Jordy seems to be the only one with decent value, while my other WRs haven’t really performed as well.

Man just looking right now and I’d go with Parker and Pryor. You can sell Pryor slightly higher cause of last weeks high points. But they all came from one play. A 44ydTD. Other than that he had like 4 points. Then Parker because his schedule goin into the later part of the season is tough and ole Cutty isn’t throwing like he did before.

I’d do it and give up Gurley. McCoy has sucked starting off but hes just too involved to not have good games. Your receivers would be solid too.