Trade help alert!

Drafted gesicki late. Dropped him for Omer this week. Just Offered ty’son williams for kyle pitts. He declined and counter offered with kyle pitts for my chase Edmonds. Half ppr. What do I do?

Current rbs are
Ty’son williams
J Jackson( idk why)

Honestly it’s as low a price as I think a pitts owner might go.

I’m still not convinced it happens for him this season though. But if you’re a believer then I’d be surprised if you can get him for less.

He wants chase Edmonds for him


I personally don’t want a rookie TE unless it’s dynasty or large keeper. I’m happy to wait a season and see from afar what he does.

But if you believe Pitts is the generational talent he was advertised as and he will hit in his rookie year then Chase Edmonds as the price isn’t robbery.

It’s as fair a swap for Pitts you’re likely to see. So it’s just a question of do you believe in pitts? My advice is if you have doubts pass on the offer.

Dropped him for who?

The obvious solution here is to pick Gesicki back up (or Cooks or Firkser or whoever else is available) and not hitch your wagon to a rookie TE at the price of a viable starting RB.

@AxeElf kmet :man_facepalming: