Trade Help! Antonio Brown for

Hey everyone!

Need some advice. I’m not doing very well in my league, but I could make a comeback :wink: That said, I’m being asked for Antonio Brown (I also have Juju) in exchange for a second round pick next year, as well as either Joe Mixon or Tevin Coleman (I’m weak on RBs).

Thoughts? Worth it based on the fact that I might not be in the running for the playoffs?

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What kind of league is this? What are your RBs and WRs?

Standard league. I have frank gore, marlin mack, lynch, Ingram, burkhead.

Parker, brown, juju, Sanu, sanders.

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I’d pass on the trade, you won’t get Brown value with the 2nd rounder especially considering Jones is under performing and Beckie is on IR, the matchups are golden.

I might try Juju for Mixon or Coleman. Bryant is playing and I am just very unsure of Ben this season.

He’s upgrading to a first rounder next year, along with Mixon or Coleman…

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What is your record this season? I mean you take this deal then you punt for next season, where you would have 2 first rounders, great position.

7-11 ugh.

We play two matches each week, so we double up. I could still come back (9 games behind), and Antonio could be a big part of that. Or I can start planning for next season :wink:

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If you want to call it a season then this is a good deal, but if you take it be aware that you are giving up on this season.

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Good advice. Thanks!

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