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Trade help! Antonio Gates for Kyle Rudolph?


Another player is offering me Antonio Gates for my TE Kyle Rudolph, I don’t think i should take it but should i maybe counter offer? may be a 2 for 2?
12 team ppr league/1 keeper(K) and i play this guy week 1
My Team: --------------------- Other Palyer
QB: Matthew Stafford -----Ben Roethlisberger
WR: Julio Jones(K) ------------Odell Beckham Jr.(K)
WR: Antonio Brown -------- Doug Baldwin
RB: Isaiah Crowell -----------David Johnson
RB: Leonard Fournette ----Mark Ingram
TE: Kyle Rudolph ------------ Antonio Gates
W/R/T: Sammy Watkins — Desean Jackson
K: Wil Lutz ---------------------- Matt Prater
D: Pittsburgh ----------------- Cincinnati
B: Danny Woodhead ------- Blake Bortles
B: Tevin Coleman ----------- Carlos Hyde
B: Stefon Diggs -------------- Doug Martin
B: Terrance West ------------ Mike Wallace
B: Rob Kelly ------------------- Kenny Britt
B: Eric Ebron ------------------ Sterling Shepard


No, don’t do that, especially PPR. Maybe throw in Kelly and ask for Shepard. Is this a keeper league?


I’d try to do Kyle Rudolph and Watkins for Gates and Baldwin


Hang onto Rudolph IMO, Sammy biscuits loved him last year and hunter Henry is buzzing around Gates


When ever I see a trade like this I just ignore them. He is trying to get a better player using just name recognition. If that wasn’t the case he would be offering other players. A 1 for 1 te trade is just unnecessary otherwise.


He’s offering me Odell Beckham Jr for Antonio Brown now? Idk why? I know that’s a bad trade but is this guy desperate, should I try countering him?


i think you should stay put i like your team. Only way id trade him is if you get David johnson. Which probably wont happen lol


I mean it’s not a horrible trade but yeah why… why in the world would one top flight guy be traded for another? And at the same position no less. I could see an rb for a wr trade like that but this? guess in that sense it really is a horrible trade because there is no need for it. I mean yeah maybe do it cause then you get a younger stud for your keeper. This guy just confuses me.


yeah these are the guys in your league that you take advantage of. He just wants to make a deal so try to rip him off.


Should I try and trade Fournette and Crowell for David Johnson


You don’t lose anything by trying


there isnt much i wouldnt give up for DJ, i dont think he would do that personally