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Trade Help: AP + Chris Thompson for Freeman


I’m trying to sell high on AP and Thompson, but am I getting enough with Freeman?


I feel like Chris Thompson is only a flex option that has a low floor so it’s only really interesting for adrian Peterson. I think it’s a better trade for you so id say your getting enough if you don’t buy into Adrian Peterson’s new position and possible output


Thanks Matt. I don’t think AP can keep it up all year, and that DJ will take the job back eventually. I like Thompson as a Flex option, which is my biggest hesitation in pulling the trigger.


I have thompson on my bench in my one league, the one time i played him i got burned and he barely scored any points. If you have a WR TE RB that can replace thompson in your flex position then I would go for it.


I wouldnt feel confident starting Thompson due to his usage and I’m not too sure AP can keep that up (especially with a looming DJ return). You’re turning 2 waiver wire pickups into a first round caliber RB so I’d say hell yeah.

You know your league better than I do, though. If the Freeman owner came to you about the trade maybe try inching it up a bit by saying “if you throw in ______ we’ll make it a deal right now” and if he calls your bluff then just take the trade lol. For example maybe try to upgrade a position (like swapping qbs if his is better, or tight ends or something). But that’s just what I do to try to get maximum value out of each trade.