Trade Help ASAP Guys! Happy Thanksgiving!

I got a trade request to give up Gurley for James Conner and Ertz. My team is pretty suckish thanks to injuries but I have.

matt ryan
nick chubb
dion lewis
tyler boyd
mohammad sanu

Bench: Gurley, jordan howard, malcom brown (in case gurley sits out playoffs), willie snead and gus edwards

Thanks everyone!

Wow, that’s not a bad trade! Who is your current TE? I’d probably take that trade.

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we dont have TE spots just flex. and im tied for 3rd right now and need a win this week. Im hoping gurley sits out for playoffs now. but idk if conner will still produce

That is a really tough call. But it seems like you’re getting a fair amount of value back in that trade. Connor has fairly good matchups and certainly won’t be benched like Gurley could! And of course, Ertz is (typically) a complete badass. In order to mitigate Gurley risk, I might just go for it! I hope others will respond too though!

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And of course the Gurley bye this week…

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thanks for your inputs man! really appreciate it! happy holidays and good luck this week!

Thank you, you too!!! I hope others respond. I want to see what people think! It definitely feels like a fair trade at the very least. Happy thanksgiving! :turkey::maple_leaf::plate_with_cutlery:

bump. need your help footclan!

I’d probably do it judging by that roster. Maybe I’d look if they’d add a WR too because you’re hurting there

would you do howard & gurley for conner, ertz & landry?

Probably but I don’t trust Landry I’d prefer a more reliable WR

What other wideouts do they have on their team? I’m not a landry fan.

I think I make this trade either way - even if they won’t add a wideout to the mix - because of your team.

Do it. TG II is on bye and he tweaked his ankle. The Rams might rest him even if he seems ready to go.

Yeah I think I would do that the difference in points between Gurley and say starting fitz or snead in your flex vs connor and ertz shouldn’t be that significant and that would also free your spot of malcom brown to grab another flier if you want or stash a Dst


I think at this point, regardless, you need to get M Brown if he’s still available. Can’t see RAMS not resting Gurley coming up real soon!!! (especially with the ankle issue!!!)


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I would do the Gurley trade, I think your getting two solid plays, Connor is a stud he just had a fluke game against Jax, ertz is a machine