Trade help auction keeper

Here we go i am 4-0 but looking to improve some RBs

Auction league with Keepers- keepers are 5 more than drafted previously opening draft budget 200

My roster-

QB Wentz
WR Hopkins- Would Keep at 37 next year
WR M Thomas- Would keep for 16
WR Theilen- Keeps for 11
WR Alshon Jeff- Keeps for 17
WR Corey Davis- Keeps for 11
RB J Howard- Keeps for 17
RB Kerryon J- Keeps for 24
RB James Connor- Keeps for 10
Ertz Keeps for 17

David Johnson was offered to me straight up for either Hopkins, Theilen, or Thomas. Johnson would be kept for 75 so thats a bit pricey. i snagged johnson off waivers in week 3 after someone got impatient.

What do i do here? I am nervous about the Steelers backfield but am hesitant to let go of what is easily the best WR core in the league. Do i stand pat and hope Connor lasts long enough for Johnson to establish himself? I also have Royce Freeman on the bench.