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Trade help based around abdullah


Was offered ameer abdullah and sterling shepherd for b. Powell, terrell pryor and pierre garcon. I like shepherd especially now that he is the only Giant wide receiver left. I could use the running back help but for receivers it leaves me with Michael Thomas and Stefon Diggs and R. Matthews. What do you guys think?


Personally, I would wait and see how Sheppard does as the (most likely) main target. A lot of people will be trying to sell him high because of the injuries. He might not want to wait a week, but I would approach Sheppard with caution.


Stefon Diggs and Michael Thomas are great WRs. Is their a better back you can get for those players? Because you are already do good at WR and i don’t know how well Abdullah will be. Shepard is hurt and is wearing a boot but he should be an interesting pick up. Powell is only good when Forte is out, and Pryor and Garçon are inconsistent but the best WRs on their team


Yeah i put out a couple of offers for ingram and martin but no takers. Thanks for all the advice. Ill wait for now. Crossing fingers om sheperd