Trade help before the deadline?

I got offered a trade and need help with the decision. I would give up M. Thomas & ASJ and would receive Engram and Adams. My other WRs are Green, Shepard, Baldwin, & Cooper. My other TEs are Clay and rule 86.

I like upgrading to Engram, but you reallly dont need another WR. You are deep and stacked

I like the deal okay, but only because your WR core is too strong. You need to try and reallocate those WR assets to other positions. At face value, I think you actually lose this trade because you are giving up more, but given your roster construction it needs to happen. (I’m assuming you don’t have like Brady, Bell, and Hunt already of course).

If not this deal, I would 100% move some of those WRs for a better RB or something. Package like Green/low end RB for Hunt or something like that.