Trade Help- Boyd for Engram

I trade Boyd for Evan Engram. What do you guys think? Thanks!

Team below:
QB: Trubisky, Jackson, Keenum, Mullens, Taylor
WR: Jones, Diggs, Boyd, John Brown, Moncrief, Meredith, Snead, Pryor, Washington
RB: Gordon, Coleman, Drake, Burkhead, McGuire, Justin Jackson, Darrell Williams, John Kelly, Ajay
TE: Rudolph, Brate, Shaheen, Seals-Jones
K: Bailey, Zuerlein
D: Minnesota, New England

right now, im keeping boyd. there are a lot of factors that would go into me saying yes that i dont know at this moment. coaching changes, drafted players in april… its kinda close because your TEs are meh, but engram would just be another piece to me (at this moment, could change drastically depending on offseason) and i dont love your WRs after boyd. right now i keeping him, and playing the horrible game of chess that is finding a TE to start each week.

Nooooooo. Engram is a poor to fine TE when OBJ is healthy and fine to decent when injured. Meanwhile, Boyd was a WR1 when AJ Green was healthy and a WR2 when Green was hurt. This means that Engram is around a TE5-10 and Boyd is a WR1/2. Meanwhile, you only have 3 WRs (Boyd being one of them).

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What about:

Boyd + 1.08


Engram + Mack

Keep Boyd and see what you can get for Diggs if you want to move a WR. Not liking how he started trending after Vikes went run heavy. He was basically touchdown dependent and I think you could possibly get better than Engram for him, maybe shoot for trying to get a Kittle or something.

I still, personally, have no interest in Engram because he’s the 3rd option on a mediocre offense. However, if you really want him; then, I would do the Boyd/1.08 for Engram/Mack once Bell signs. Theres still a good chance he goes to Indy so I’m not touching Mack until Bell signs elsewhere.