TRADE HELP: Calvin Ridley +?

Hey guys,

QB: Watson
WR: Davantae, Thielen, Calvin Ridley, Tyler Boyd
RB: Zeke, Ingram, Yeldon, T. Coleman, L. Miller

Looking to put a package together with some of this depth and grab a solid WR1/RB1. Never been good with trades. Would a Ridley+Yeldon package be able to get a CMC caliber player? Would I be giving up too much?

Because you stated that you are not great with trades, i won’t laugh in your face at that offer.

That being said, no, you will not get a CMC player for ridley and yeldon. Unless other people in your league don’t pay attention too much and only look at face value.

Yeldon and Ridley have put up great numbers the past few weeks, and you can definately sell high on them. But they are still only worth an RB12+.

Maybe see if you could chase Sony Michele for Ridley straight up, or a phillip lindsey.

People can comment with other trade targets, but i can definitively tell you you arent getting a CMC for those players

That’s why I ask! Just trying to learn. Do you think I even need to make a trade with my team? It’s 12 man and 8 make playoffs. I’m 1-3 with 3rd most points in 10th place.

I think the only trade you need to make is secure yourself an RB2.

Yeldon is great, for now, but fournette’s return could be at any time. Maybe you can try and target the Fournette owner and swap yeldon for whoever his RB2 currently is?

Other than that, your team looks quite solid. I’m actually suprised your 1-3, looks like at LEAST a 2-2 team right now. Especially with your evidence of being the 3rd highest in scoring, it sounds like you just got unlucky a few times.

Even if you can’t swap yeldon / ridley for an RB2 somewhere, you could already be set with Ingram. Only downside is we don’t know what he looks like yet due to his suspension, but he could be just as impactful as he was last year.

Don’t panic yet bud, your squads looking good. and with an 8 team playoff, i wouldn’t stress at all.

Yeah I lost a game by 1 point and faced the top 2 teams on their best weeks. I would have the points lead if my QB, TE, DEF and K didn’t combine for 7 points week 1 haha. That is for the pep talk! I’ll hold strong and see what I can do about securing another RB2. I got Ingram 8th round so hoping he comes up big.

i feel you dude, i streamed Ryan Tannehill last week for newtons bye week.

got a whopping 0 points :smiley:

still managed to win thanks to jared cook and d hopkins having massive games

Find the Fournette Owner: Yeldon + Ridley for their Michel/ Aaron Jones/ Chris Thompson ( he always performs highly because of how they use him)

Find the D. Freeman Owner: Coleman + Ridley/ Boyd for a WR around WR2 range or under performing WR1 (a long shot)

If you do the first option, lineup could be Zeke, Ingram, and Flex who you get back from that trade or Boyd.

If you do the second option, you could play Zeke, Ingram, and Flex Yeldon. That’s pretty strong with Thielen/ Adams.