Trade help! CMC for Hopkins/Jacob's

12 man PPR keeper league. Current main roster Wentz, CMC, D. Montgomery, M. Thomas, T. Boyd, R. Anderson, Z. Ertz. I was just offered Hopkins and Jacob’s for CMC. Initially rejected it but am thinking of considering it. Our keepers are always round 1&2

Could also throw in Coutee for Samuel and see if he bites

Need to know your entire team to advise on this.

Bench is K. Ballage, D. Singletary, A. Mattison, J. Hill, K. Coutee, M. Hardman. I may have been drinking too much my picks slowly got worse

It’s not a bad trade on your part but then you’re pretty weak at RB if you do it. I guess in a PPR league it’s not the worst trade. CMC is a PPR machine though!

Yeah, it’s not smart. He’s only 23 and is basically a a RB and WR combined. Also Jacob’s and Montgomery could be busts and then I’m totally screwed