Trade help CMC

I have CMC and lost Sutton should I try to trade CMC for Drake and Terry McLaurin or no? I have Dj Moore Gage Cole and Harry Jarvis L is on my wire and for RB I have Miles Sanders Chubb and Ronald Jones thanks in advance also this is a full ppr and it’s a 12 man league only 5 bench slots

I think you wait it out. Your team is already pretty solid and adding CMC back in 3 weeks will make it a powerhouse.
Pick up Landry though, he’s a good bye week filler

Yeah I’ll do that I have Allen as my qb and tannehill on my bench so I’m sitting ok just didn’t know if I should make a move for the next three weeks sitting at 1-1 barely lost week 1 lol but cool sometimes u just need a little help appreciate it