Trade Help, Cook for Evans and Kittle or

Hey y’all, I need help deciding on some trade offers. I have 6 RBs this year: Fournette, Dalvin Cook, LeSean McCoy, Joe Mixon, Rashaad Penny, and Kerryon Johnson. I’m in need of a TE and I’m a little weak at WR with TY Hilton and Corey Davis as my one and two.
I have an offer to trade Cook for Mike Evans and George Kittle and Cris Carson. I also have an offer for Cook and Corey Davis, for Jimmy Graham and Doug Baldwin and Jamison Crowder. I feel like I can hold on to Corey Davis, and just get Graham and Baldwin for Cook.
But what’s better:
Jimmy Graham and “never 100% this season” Doug Baldwin or Mike Evans and George Kittle. Or should I hold unto Cook and hope one of my WR depth will be enough.

If I’m trying to trade for a TE it’s not going to be for Kittle or Graham. I’m going to the top 4 guys in my eyes or I’m streaming all together. I would try to trade for Burton personally as he is most likely the cheapest. With your RB I would try to trade Cook for Burton and a WR personally. Or stay very strong at RB and stream TE this year. Go pick up Seals-Jones maybe.

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A lot of the TEs are taken. I’m in a 12 team league with 18 roster spots. So you are saying Mike Evans and Kittle aren’t worth Cook?

I would see who is available on the waiver wire first personally. Your RB are a huge strength with depth so you can withstand an injury right now. The thing is if you get 3 players in that trade you have to drop 2 right away so idk. I’m in favor of full stream if you don’t have a top 4-5 guy

I wouldn’t trade cook for any of those guys. You’re better off streaming TE and maintaining running back strength.

I would be tempted to stream TE at least for a few weeks and keep that RB depth. My roster is the same after a few trades i’m loaded at RB and okay at WR. Just wait it out for a bit, the week 1 panic will hit like always and someone will overpay for one of those RBs or just wait longer, enjoy the use of all those guys in good matchups and trade when someone is desperate. Pre week 1 is always tough to get the best value, honestly wait for the panic when someone has an injury or someone doesn’t perform well at all you’ll get better value.

If you can get good value on McCoy though i’d do that pre week 1 as his value is likely going down with a tough opening schedule and playing on a bad team

I have players like Kelvin’s benjamin, Allen Hurns and Josh Doctston as depth in my WR corps. My TE is only Vernon Davis, and I was counting on Jordan’s Reed not playing Week1. I did have Luke Wilson and that’s a deep league starter but I dropped him and can’t pick back up. I’ll look for somebody or do a small trade for a smaller TE

Pick up Vannett from Seattle. I like him enough to stream. I would be in full favor of trading Cook as I’m not high on him at all. Murray will get all the goal line work and is plenty capable of being a solid RB and I don’t thinkk Cook will get the volume assuming the health of both of them.