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Trade help cooks 4 watkins


Need help some one offered me Brandon COOKS for Sammy Watkins.
It’s a 12 man ppr league. Keepers
My team is
Qb M. Stafford
Wr A. Brown
Wr J. Jones
Rb L. Foutnette
Rb T. Gurley
Te C. Clay
W/r/t S. Watkins
K Lutz
Def Pittsburgh
Bn D. Johnson
Bn C. Johnson
Bn J. Brown
Bn R. Kelley
Bn D McFadden
Bn A. Morris


Yes, I would take that deal.


Yup, take that now.


Why are you asking us? Stop wasting time and accept before that guy comes to his senses!


I have Watkins and I wish I got offered that trade lol