Trade Help! "Cooks/E.Sanders for Freeman/C.Hogan

Standard Scoring - is this good ?

Who are your other RBs and WRs?

Hogan is out a couple of weeks, but if you are good on WRs, but need a RB, this could be good. If Cooks is your main WR, and you have a decent back otherwise, I wouldn’t do it. You’re getting rid of two WRs and not gaining one back fro at least 3-4 weeks.

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I guess I should have posted what I currently have in order to get a better answer.

Currently have

WR: M. Thomas, B.Cooks, D. Funchess, E. Sanders, R.Anderson, M. Crabtree
RB: L.Bell, Gore, Mack, Blount

I would say yes. I think Cooks and Freeman for the rest of the season will be about even and Bell/Freeman are a great one two punch for RB. You still have Thomas, who I think has a chance to produce well, and Funchess should see increased action. I’m not in love with your WR group and that is definitely the weak category, but I think the trade is worth it.