Trade Help, Davante Adams for Dez Bryant?

I’d be sending him Davante Adams and receiving Dez Bryant on my end. Standard League.

IS there anything else that you could send? what does your team look like?

I think picking up Dez would be wise considering the Dolphins offense is absolutely putrid. Like really bad. At least Dez is in an offense where they can put up 20+ points a game. I like Davante Adams but it just doesnt seem like Cutler has any idea what he’s doing out there.

Dez has a more guaranteed target share, but Adams is in an elite passing attack. I would probably lean Dez because he is the red zone WR in Dallas where as Adams is competing with two others

I think he means Adams not Parker :wink: I do agree though Dez gets massive volume.


Yeah my WRs currently are: Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Demaryius Thomas, and Davante Adams. I also have Amendola but have a waiver claim in to pick up Fuller for this week over him as I’m looking for a high ceiling flex.

RBS are: Ezekiel Elliot, Todd Gurley, Doug Martin, and Marshawn Lynch.

Good lord what a squad. Yeah I think getting Dez would give you more depth but your squad looks good as it is. Why would you want Dez?

I actually like what you have, I would stay put it I were you. Dez is a good guy to have but if you cant get it done straight up I would walk away.

Yeah I took advantage of drafting Zeke and Gurley in later rounds along with buying Julio low while I could. It would be straight as well just Adams for Bryant. He just wants the handcuff should Nelson keep injuring himself.