Trade Help - Davante Adams

What’s up footclan, it is my first offseason in a dynasty league and I need help checking value. I am trying to trade away davante Adams for youth because I don’t think my chances to win next year are great but I don’t want to undersell him either. Would it be crazy to trade him for Ceedee straight up?

If I was to move adams I’d want lamb but they would have to add some picks in as well. If want lamb and a 1 maybe even next year. Or lamb and 2 2s but I wouldn’t move the #1 Dynasty wr for any player without picks

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Thanks Von! I was kinda thinking the same thing, it did not really feel like enough. Could I throw another at you? What are your thoughts on adams for miles sanders and the 1.01?

I like adams for miles and the 1:01 no matter the format. Tbh if you’re not looking to compete I’d take that deal and midway through the season I’d maybe be looking to love miles as well. Even though he’s young by the time you’re really ready to compete and be a ship contender he should be hitting the end of his rb wall. But also don’t get so sold on moving Davante now I think right now he has a lot of value to every team in the league but when the season starts you may have less people able to trade for him cause only the contenders will be able to trade for him but he would have a lot of value to those ship contenders:

Yeah, I hear ya. It is the leagues first offseason so everyone is eager to make moves, including myself.

I am also in a weird spot because I feel like I am on the edge of being a contender but my rbs are weak. I got a bit lucky this season because everyone in the league drafted rb heavy and I filled out my wr core. I got away with carson, hunt, and swift towards the end of the season (also flexing in burkhead a few bye weeks where I got lucky he hit) but that is basically my core. It actually got me the ship this year but I am not sure it will carry me through next season.

I have adams, ridley, boyd as my wr leaders but solid depth with a bunch of flex worthy guys or spot starts like corey davis, agholor, hardman, greg ward, valdes-scantling, parris campbell, and preston williams. Honestly, I feel like if I can get sanders and whatever rookie rb looks the most promising, I might have another shot and go back to back in the first 2 seasons.

Not sure of what the exact format is but it sounds like your team is kinda able to compete this upcoming year: what you have is a decent start but I can understand moving adams. With that team I’d take that deal for sanders and the 1:01 then I’d maybe look to package Carson and hunt and try to trade up and maybe get a rb in that low rb1 tear like maybe a Chubb or henry something like that and have like henry and sanders to go along with whoever you have with the 1:01: you have a couple of ways you can play it

Yeah true, definitely a few ways to go with it. Thanks again for the help, it is huge to be able work through these thoughts. :+1:

I am back with an offer for adams and wanted to get some outside opinion. The trade is adams for OBJ, aaron jones, and alexander mattison. I think I like it but I would love to hear everyones thoughts.

If I was you, I wouldn’t make that trade. Yes, Mattison has huge upside is Cook goes down but OBJ hasn’t played the way he has been drafted in awhile. The big one in this trade is Jones. If he doesn’t end up back with the Packers, his stock could take a hit unless he lands somewhere great. He could move into a committee situation and that would demolish his value. If I was you, I would try and trade Adams for a young RB and WR that have starting roles and future value along with a pick. Preferably a 1st or 2 seconds. A contender should pay that to win now!