TRADE HELP - Demarco Murray for Marlon Mack & Robert Woods

Keeper league…Marlon Mack’s cost next year is an 8th…going all in for the win this year. I already have Aaron Jones (keeper cost 8th). Would you accept…I’d be getting Murray.

IDK, for what it’s worth…I’ve got Murray and he’s spent the biggest part of the past 4 weeks on my bench. Of course, my league is re-draft. Next year could be a whole different story and Murray could start playing like Murray again. I know this probably hasn’t been much help. Just trying to offer a little feedback from a fellow FFB addict!!! LOL

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Hey I appreciate the feedback! I went ahead and made the trade. I’m praying Murray can get a little healthier after the bye and his schedule down the stretch isn’t nearly as intimidating as Mack’s on a crap offense. I just need 8 games out of him!! lol COME ON MURRAY for the love of the FFB Gods! lol

LOL. Well I haven’t decided whether or not I’m throwing in the towel on him just quite yet…getting close…but…

Anyway…if I do you’ll definitely know it!!! Cuz…mark my words, my friend…just as soon as I do, he’ll take the FFB world by storm!!! LOL…never fails!!!