Trade help! Desperate I’m gonna be 0-3

I need to do something to help my chances I have the depth at WR and I’m tired of Carson
QBs Cam (Streamed Stafford gonna pick up Dalton/Kyle Allen/Danny Dimes)
WRs are Hopkins Gordon Watkins Diggs MeCole and Scary Terry
RBs Carson Chubb Sanders Fournette

I was originally gonna trade for Kyler Murray but I’m debating if I should just take one of the new starters that played well today…

I was thinking Carson and Watkins for Kamara or an RB of that tier? If not that I’d maybe go for OBJ or WR in that tier. What do you guys think?
Please I need help this is the first time ever that I’m gonna be 0-3 since I started playing fantasy football

I’d definitely aim for a RB if you’re trading away Carson. Going for Daniel Jones would be a good idea as well, with their defense being as bad as it is I can see the Giants getting into a lot of games where they need to rely on his passing.

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Yea I’m gonna have the 1st waiver spot so for sure taking him cuz I need some sort of points and him being able to run along with being a pretty good passer will help me

As for RBs to go after should I target someone who’s WRs are weak offer Watkins and Carson for a RB1 or how do u think I should handle that?

Well that’s one good idea, it would increase the value of Watkins. You would definitely look for an RB1 in return for him. Unfortunately he’s had two down weeks so the return you are going to get for him won’t be much. You could also wait to see how he does next week and maybe he goes off again and increases his value. At 0-3 you aren’t quite in panic mode yet but I’d definitely want to move Carson for another RB1 since you’re set at WR it looks like. I wouldn’t give up anyone higher than Watkins in terms of packaging WRs

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RBs I had in mind were Elliot and Kamara
I also thought maybe Bell Gurley or Ingram even tho Gurley isn’t playing like he used to.

I was also thinking Connor

You might be able to get Connor or Gurley because they both have been bad so far, no way you are getting one of those other top RB’s for Carson and Watkins. Carson has been pretty bad the last 2 weeks (with fumble issues) and Watkins hasn’t been a WR1 besides the first week and Hill is most likely coming back in the next couple weeks.

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Would you trade those two for Connor or Gurley? And is it worth the shot? They’ve both played pretty bad but Connor has a really nice schedule coming up