Trade Help- Do I give this guy a break?

2 QB Dynasty

Was going back and forth with a league mate and he sent me the following offer:

I give:
Deebo, Robbie A, JJ Taylor (Pats)

He gives:
David Montgomery, Darryl Henderson, and Brandon Aiyuk

I gave him 15 minutes to realize what he sent, and then accepted. Now asking me to reverse it because he thought he was trading for Jonathan Taylor (who i don’t have). Should I reverse it or make him live with it? Lol

You’re under no obligation to fix his mistake–he’s the one who sent the offer.

I’m just surprised it didn’t get vetoed. You made out like a bandit. It was solidly in your favor even before you got a top 12ish WR for a practice squad guy.

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Paid or Free league?

Paid dynasty league

Very true- we do not veto in this league unless it is clear cut collusion- in this case he is a contender I am rebuilding so definitely not that.

All experience fantasy players which I suppose makes the mistake even more glaring…

He is now asking we reverse and he sends me a third round rookie draft pick back as recompense

Tough call man. You’ll definitely lose out on future trades with the dude if you don’t agree but it’s your call on how nice you’re feeling. Make it a second for his mistake if you’re feeling nice.