Trade help- doug baldwin

Hey footclan, i need some help on a trade that was sent to me.
my roster is

larry fitz
doug b
dion lewis
mark ingram
isaiah corwell
kerryon johnson
ronald jones
frank gore
bilal powell
allen hurns

i got good value on larry and doug so im sorta lacking on rbs.
i have a trade request to give away doug and get robert woods and carlos hyde.
i plan on taking the trade but im not sure who to drop.
Its a full ppr 10man league.
Thanks for the help.

Hurns or Gore for me. Probably Gore

I don’t like that trade at all bud. I would keep Doug B

Don’t do it! That’s a bad trade. Your team will be stacked when Ingram comes back and when/if kerryon gets more work. D Lewis is a fine 2nd rb until then. Not as much if it’s not ppr but if it’s ppr then play him with confidence. The rest of your team is stacked and should be strong enough to hold you over for the first part of the season at least.


I’m just a little worried about doug.
it is full ppr aswell

I would be more worried Carlos Hyde does anything in that committee backfield, it smells to me like it’s going to be a hot hand backfield all season; and don’t even get me started on Robert Woods lol I would definitely feel much better about Doug, you would feel better putting him in a starting lineup than either Woods or Hyde.

That is very true. Thanks for the advice guys.
I just hope i can hold off until mark comes back.

No way I’m trading Baldwin for that. You are stacked at WR and have Lewis to plus in right now at RB. Also you get Ingram back after week 4 and your team will begin looking great I think

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You’ll be fine. I’m really high on Dion Lewis this year, especially full point. I have him in one of my leagues as well.

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yea i got him in the 6th so i was really happy about that

Ps I don’t do the trade but that’s ultimately your choice. I was just telling you who to drop. Sorry for any confusion!

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