Trade Help! (Dynasty Half PPR)

1: Aaron Jones and Zach Ertz
2: Melvin Gordon (or Devin Singletary) and George Kittle

Having a hard time gathering a sense of Jones value after the draft. I’m trying to get Kittle, but not dropping too far from Jones value.

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If you’re receiving Gordon and Kittle I think it’s a good deal. I’m not too high on Gordon this year though, he’s 27 and in a crowded backfield, but from everything that I’m hearing he should be the lead back. I guess you could say the same thing about Jones too, I think if you’re targeting Kittle this is a good trade. Singletary is kind of in the same boat as Gordon as far as a crowded backfield goes but he does have 5 years on Gordon, that being said he is still not as proven as Gordon but Gordon also hasn’t shown that elite talent for a couple of years now.

I’d take Singletary and Kittle.

I’m in on Kittle + either RB. I like Gordon more than most and think he will smash in DEN. Singletary is a high end RB2 with low end RB1 talent. I think both of them stand to do something close to what you get from Jones. Swapping Kittle for Ertz is a big win.

I’d take the Kittle side without hesitation.