Trade help? Dynasty

Dynasty trade who wins

Team 1 is trading Chris Godwin and Trequan Smith

Team 2 is trading Courtland Sutton and Will Fuller

Any help would be great

I would go team 1 slightly. team 1 has the worst and best player in this trade, and i’m not crazy on Sutton and fuller is good when healthy, but he is always hurt

Team 1, also slightly and only because of Godwin. Fuller is a week winning monster…3 times a year, which will lose your league.

I actually lean team 2. I know the hype train is all over Godwin (as it should be) but Sutton should have the opportunity to post a 75/900/6 line at worst (assuming health) and the yards/TDs can easily go up. Even if he does stay around that line, Sutton is fine. Meanwhile, Fuller is a beast when he plays. His injury concern is actually not that bad because when he’s out, you know he’s out and you can pivot. The worst is when a guy is hurt but tries to play and gooses you.
So, I think Godwin is the best player but Sutton could be similar. And I think Fuller is significantly better than Smith.
Lastly, in dynasty, QBs matter a bit more and Fuller is the only one with a sure fire QB for many years in Watson