Trade help! Ertz Or Edelman

I have a trade offer to give up Edelman/Ekeler in exchange for Ertz/A Rob.
Do I pull the trigger? My current TE is Njoku and I have Saquon/D. Williams+Dexter/Michel at RB. This is redraft .5 PPR. Thanks!

Sorry I should add that I have Juju/Thielen/Boyd/Fuller/J. Gordon at WR. I guess it really comes down to whether I want Ertz or Edelman on my squad. I’d love to own a piece of the Eagles in Ertz even factoring in some regression, and I still have josh Gordon if I do go through with this. However, I feel my flex takes a bigger step down than the step up to Ertz from Njoku will be.

Actually, I just accepted the trade lol. Hope that wasn’t idiotic of me

It’s a fine trade. You gave to get, the hallmark of most trades.

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